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Dissecting Microscopes

Dissecting Microscopes

DISSECTING MICROSCOPES supply dissecting microscopes that have a heavy round base with a precisely designed body. A joint revolving arm is provided for moving the magnifying lens over the full area of the stage. It is easily replaceable by a special bullseye lens to increase the field of vision. Sensitive focusing is done by rack-pinion movement. The stage provided with spring stage clips has a glass plate to insert a white metal plate for the background. Sub-stage Plano concave mirror reflects sufficient daylight and artificial light on the object. Detachable hand resets on both sides of the stages provided for sturdy support during dissecting.


UG MEDICAL SUPPLIERS always commit to following the latest development of world-leading optics and electronics technology, developing high-performance instruments and satisfying the expanding demand of end-users. As a result, our products are becoming more and more welcomed to customers around the world.

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