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Mortuary Refrigerator

Mortuary Refrigerator

MORTUARY REFRIGERATOR MANUFACTURERS provide mortuary cabinets with low-temperature refrigerated cabinets used to keep dead bodies for a short or long period. They are widely used at hospitals, railways, airports, army camps, and army hospitals, etc. They are available in the storage of two, three, four, six, and eight bodies. They can be customized units for large storage requirements. They are made with direct cooling technology, which is considered the best method to store dead bodies. Durability and ruggedness are one of the primary features of our mortuary refrigerators. They are mounted on caster wheels that enable the unit to move anywhere easily.

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UG MEDICAL SUPPLIERS manufacture mortuary refrigerators and freezers consisting of walk-in, small doors, forensic lab and cadaver lockers. Standard refrigerators and custom freezers are designed to meet morgue and other facility needs. We can offer you competitive prices all over the world.

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