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Laboratory Incubator

Laboratory Incubator

LABORATORY INCUBATORS EXPORTERS offers incubators in compact, small and large capacity models. An ideal environment for storage and incubation of samples in a controlled temperature and humidity environment. Our incubators offer industrial protocols, food processing, biological research, pharmaceutical applications and environmental studies. Cell culture incubators are used in research facilities and laboratories for cell culture growth. It maintains an optimum environment by controlling humidity and temperature. They come in a wide range of sizes, features and shapes. Moreover, they maintain a constant temperature. Thus, it provides conditions for the optimal growth of microbiology cultures.


Our company, UG MEDICAL SUPPLIERS, has set up a highly sophisticated research and development wing managed by proficient researchers and scientists. They are highly qualified and are in constant touch with our clients to understand their requirements to fabricate the desired equipment. We tested our products on functionality, durability, reliability, strength and resistance of corrosion and abrasion.

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