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X-ray Machine

X-RAY MACHINE MANUFACTURERS  manufacture fully motorized 3D ceiling suspended stands with an auto-tracking facility of a tube for table and vertical bucky. Machines provide preview images in much less time so that patients won't wait long. The machines have been designed with many innovative features for user-friendliness. Machines have a wide dynamic range so that soft tissues and hard bones can be seen together. Special emphasis has been laid on Radiation safety and reliability. The machine provides superior image quality and adds more fine detailing due to fine pixels and high contrast range.


UG MEDICAL SUPPLIERS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of X-Ray machines. The range includes mobile and fixed machines with all capabilities of Radiography, Fluoroscopy and Spot Filming. In addition, various combinations of tube stands and tables are available for application. We manufacture high-quality and cost-effective x-ray machines for a price-sensitive market.

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